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Fakhrul Abidi

Creative Development & Experimentation

The responsibilities of a CD&E include leading the communication design, interactive design, and concept forward in any work assigned. For example, this responsibility is often seen in industries related to advertisement. The CD&E is known to guide a team of employees with skills and experience related to graphic design, fine arts, motion graphics, and other creative industry fields. Some example works can include visual layout, brainstorming, and copy writing. Before one assumes the role of a CD&E, one must have a preset of experience beforehand. Like anyone else, these types of artists start up from the very beginning in fields that can relate to motion graphics, advertisement in television, and/or book (or magazine) publishing.

Irawan Ardiansyah

Designer & Brand Analyst

Marketing communications specialist must be highly organized and creative. They must have highly advanced communication and writing skills. They must also be able to handle extensive computer experience utilizing programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and other desktop publishing software. They possess problem-solving skills and have impeccable research skills. They have an understanding of human nature and what information will appeal to various groups of people.

Surya Aditama

Brand Identity Designer

We are pleased to provide graphic design job descriptions to our visitors. Brand Identity Designers create the visual identity, the branding, for a company and/or its clients. Brand Identity Designers can create everything from logos, to promotional materials, to advertising programs that establish and promote a corporate identity. Brand Identity Designers should posess innovation and problem solving skills. Expertise in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and QuarkXpress are usually mandatory requirements, while knowledge of Freehand/InDesign can be beneficial. Illustration and typography are key areas in which a Brand Identity Designer should excel. An accessible online portfolio as well as some physical print-work samples should be made available to potential employers.